Water, as a valuable, essential resource for our community, and the gold of our future, is an indelible icon of StaRplast that with study, dedication, research and innovation can be conserved and saved. The production of materials in polyethylene through the rotational moduling technique, in compliance with national and international environmental issues and, the refined geometry of construction and the quality of the components used, guarantee an effective and economic response to its own system of purification, treatment and water recovery.
The young dynamic and innovative, commercial staff, ensures quick and professional service for: design solution, product choice and quick delivery. The pubblication of European water charter, whish coined the slogan “save your blue gold” and the continuous and indispensable advice for improvment that we recieve from all of you gratify us and lead us to pursue, with greater responsibility, the improvement and research that contribute to the good of us all.

Starplast’s Brand (acronym of Rotational moulding of plastic), was born in 2007 to devote himself mainly to solutions produced within technique of Rotational molding. Specialized in wastewater systems, put the bee as an icon synonymous of environmental friendliness.

Born in concomitance with the historical period of political and economic changes, it has the vision to contribute to changes in terms of products and market system, stimulating demand and responding with offers and service.

The constant effort of the staff, young and motivated to contribute personally to the environment, generates continuous research and new projects, also patented, and increasingly sophisticated engineering.

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