We have been operating in the rotational molding market with innovative solutions since 2007.

Starplast specializes in innovative solutions for the purification, treatment and recovery of water in civil and industrial sectors. Starplast solutions are made of polyethylene (PE) using the rotational molding technique, guaranteeing non-toxicity and high technical-mechanical and physical performance.

Starplast is at the side of companies, retailers and professionals by providing design solutions, advice on the selection and installation of systems, for all kinds of needs. We are present in more than 10 countries, with prompt and professional service and the guarantee of certifications always in line with all national and international regulations.



Starplast offers, to date, the widest range of products and services in the area of wastewater treatment and facilities.



Advanced technology plants and equipment, continuous study of geometries and state-of-the-art raw materials.



Highly qualified technical and sales staff in continuous training.



Continuous pursuit of customized, high-performance design solutions



Always in line with domestic and foreign standards.



By 2030, if the right remedies are not applied, more than 450 million people worldwide will live in areas periodically affected by “water shocks.” Possible freshwater scarcity could affect more than 5 billion people by 2050, which is a large part of the world’s population.* Therefore, we at Starplast have coined the motto “Save Your Blue Gold.” All our efforts are aimed at the sustainable management of water resources and, more generally, at finding solutions to help protect the environment. This is a commitment we have made from the very beginning, with our adherence to the principles of the European Water Charter, and which continues every day, through the incessant study and research of solutions that can save and reuse fresh water. *Reports from the World Resources Institute and UNESCO.